Challenge Institute | Strategic data innovations for the 21st century

About us

We are a think tank, tackling some of the most important challenges of our time through strategic data and information innovations.

Founding of the Challenge Institute: Jeremy Webb founded the Challenge Institute in February 2016, as a limited liability company registered in New Zealand.

Prior to founding the Institute, Jeremy spent over 15 years working in provincial, national and international organisations, include ten years with the United Nations.  In each of his roles, Jeremy worked on cutting edge projects with interdisciplinary teams, for example on issues of environmental economic accounting, climate change, minerals and development.  During this time, a number of ideas emerged that deserved more attention, for example green growth metrics, renewable energy data presentation, and the assessment of human and development needs.  In August 2015, Jeremy left the United Nations to establish the Challenge Institute and through collaborative research, progress work on the 21st century challenges coupled with potential interventions.

For more information on the Challenge Institute, or our activities, please contact us.

Strategic data innovations for the 21st century