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Renewable Energy Resources

The aim of this project is to help develop the United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) for Resources so that it can be used to classify renewable and non-renewable energy resources, allowing a fair comparison between energy options for the future.

Currently, Jeremy Webb, from the Challenge Institute is leading the Solar Subgroup (previously called the Solar Working Group) under the Expert Group on Resource Classification (EGRC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The Solar Subgroup is developing the Specifications for Application of the UNFC to Solar Energy Resources.

In addition to these things, the Challenge Institute is also looking into  measures of oil and gas company health, such as the Reserve Replacement Ratio.  With the development of Solar Specifications and their application to solar energy projects, solar reserves could be included in the Reserve Replacement Ratio replacing oil and gas extracted. This could help accelerate the transition from carbon based energy reserves to renewable energy reserves.

For more information on the Solar Subgroup, UNFC and its application, please see:

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